Prize winning museum*

*The 2019 Museum Award.

We have won the most important cultural award in the Netherlands: the BankGiro Loterij Museum Award for 2019. This makes us the most public-friendly museum in the Netherlands. Many thanks are due to all involved.

A place of people

‘We have managed to make new people enthusiastic for our Museum, and we have broadened our horizon, says Museum director Deirdre Carasso. ‘The campaign showed exactly why we have been nominated; we are a place of people, supported by the town.’

Visit us again-card

The € 100,000 prize will be used to make the square in front of the Museum just as cosy and surprising as the rest of the building. Following naturally from our spirit of hospitality, the Museum introduces a new type of ticket: the visit us again-card. Was your visit not what you had expected? In that case you will receive a free ticket to visit us again.

You don’t have to like it

The theme of public-friendliness of this 12th edition of the Museum Award was already of paramount importance to the former director of the Museum Pierre Janssen. He once remarked: ‘You don’t have to like it. Sometimes I don’t either, but do not get angry and walk out. Someone has made it and meant something with it.’ ‘He made people reflect on what they saw’, says Carasso. ‘We have imitated that. But if you are genuinely disappointed, then please let us know and we will give you a new, free entrance ticket to visit us again later’.

Good experience

The idea of the visit-us-again-card comes from the Theater aan de Schie, the only theatre in the Netherlands with a similar facility. ‘Like us, they believe that it is important that people have a good experience’, Carasso explains. ‘And that visitors explore things that they don’t know yet. In terms of public friendliness Schiedam is a market leader.’

Pay what it’s worth

Our public friendliness also becomes evident in the Museum café. It has a buffet with delicious food, mostly local products like chocolate paste, cheese, coffee and tea. You can decide the size of your slices by cutting the bread yourself and take as much as you want from the buffet. Afterwards, you pay what you think it is worth. This way of having lunch is not only public-friendly but also unique. What makes visitors also feel completely at home is the possibility to play music and draw on the tables. The coloured pencils are ready to be used!

Greatest public prize in the Netherlands

The BankGiro Loterij Museum Award is the most important public prize in the Netherlands. 75,000 people voted this year. The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam received 39% of these votes. Every year there is another category as the central theme. Besides Stedelijk Museum Schiedam,  the Museum Rotterdam and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven were nominated for the 2019 Museum Award. They received 31% and 30% of the votes respectively.


The Museum Award is an initiative of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the BankGiro Loterij, in cooperation with the Museumvereniging. The BankGiro Loterij is the cultural lottery of the Netherlands. In 2019 the organization distributed €79.4 million among 77 cultural organizations.