About us

Mission statement*

*You will find us in a town, in a street, by a canal.

These are times of individualisation and globalisation. Times when it takes trouble to get to know people and understand them.

What helps a great deal to achieve this is this small, hospitable Museum in Schiedam – where visitors can decide for themselves what price they want to pay for lunch and where they are allowed to laugh out loud. Because, by looking at and talking about art and history, you will not only learn a lot about yourself but also about how to handle things you do not understand.


Through our exhibitions and activities, we help you look at the world through the eyes of artists, specialists and people from this town. We programme exhibitions with art from the sixties, CoBrA art and contemporary art. In addition we call attention to historical as well as social themes: issues which are preoccupying in the minds of many people.


Together with Schiedammers, we try to interconnect people from different generations and backgrounds. For we believe that art and history are for everyone and that exhibitions, activities and projects created by the Museum and city together can contribute to a stronger community.

Who are we?

The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is run by a small team and many volunteers with a heart for people, art, history and Schiedam itself.