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The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is known for its Dutch post-war art. That is correct. But its start was very different.

The Museum history goes back to the year 1899, when Major Visser left his historical collection to the city on condition that a museum would be founded to exhibit his art. In the fifties, the Municipality of Schiedam decided that the Museum would focus on contemporary artists. Since 2016, the historical collection has once again formed an important part of the programming.

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Pierre Jansen: you don’t have to like all art

From the fifties onward, director/curator Pierre Janssen plotted a new course. During his period as director, the Museum bought several important works of CoBrA artists.

From CoBrA to contemporary art

Successive directors and curators further refined the policies of the Museum, which has made it strong in different areas. In line with CoBrA-art, with works from artists like Appel, Constant, Brands and Lucebert, the Museum shifted its focus to ‘experimental and informal art from 1945 to 1960’.

Serial art, 1960 to today

Rather diverging conceptions of art can be found in the second core collection: ‘serial, systematic, fundamental and radical art from 1960 to today’. Here artists such as Jan Schoonhoven, Daan van Golden, Ad Dekkers and Peter Struycken explore the boundaries of painting.

Engagement, from 1990

And then there is a third category: ‘social engagement, contemporary art since 1990’. This is all about artists that look at social developments. Their mediums vary from painting, drawing and sculpting to photography and video. Works acquired by the Museum include pieces by Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Zoro Feigl.


The Museum acquires art on an annual basis, also supported by collectors who donate works to the Museum to share their love for art with the public and to ensure that art is passed on to following generations, for example through this Museum.


The Museum’s  acquisitions and those of SCHUNCK*, a related museum in Heerlen, are mutually attuned. Not only do we share the asterisk in our logos, but our collections complement each other as well. The Museum collection is owned by the Municipality of Schiedam and consequently by all Schiedammers and all visitors of the Museum.

NOG Collection

The Museum also administers and collects the NOG Collection, a corporate collection of the Stichting Beheer SNS REAAL. Any acquisitions for this collection, which consists of over 500 works, are attuned to the Museum collection. Works from the NOG Collection are regularly on display in the Museum and elsewhere.

Historical collection

The historical objects administered by the Museum all connect to the history of this town, from genever bottles to Guild goblets. A number of such objects are on permanent display at the entrance of the Museum.