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About Schiedam

If in bygone days you wanted to explain to foreigners how to find Rotterdam, the only right answer was ‘it’s near Schiedam’.

Schiedam used to be world-famous. It is a town with a rich history of fishing, shipbuilding, and jenever. It has a beautiful town centre with a bold edge. Schiedam is near Rotterdam and within walking distance from Delft. Around 80,000 people live here. Do you like a good walk? Then you might want to do the NS hike from Delft South, which is just 13 kilometres.

What else is there to do in Schiedam?

Our tips

The Museum staff love Schiedam and have incorporated their tips in a  map of the city. You can buy it at the Museum, but also download it here.

More art to watch

Why not visit Ketelfactory, an exhibition space for contemporary art. To see their programme, click here. 

The Ketelfactory is open from 13.00 to 17.00 h., on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by special arrangement. It lies within 15 minutes’ walking distance from the Museum, a lovely route along the picturesque Lange Haven and through the oldest municipal park in the Netherlands, the Plantage.

Delving into the history of jenever

The history of Schiedam jenever is visible everywhere. Walk through the inner city, have a look at the warehouses, the ‘Zakkendragershuisje’ (‘Bag carriers’ house’), and the soot from the distilleries that was absorbed by the stones of the houses (which is why Schiedam was nicknamed Black Nazareth). The story is narrated in an attractive manner in the National Jenevermuseum and Museummolen ‘De Walvisch’. Sometimes it is even possible to see the stokers and millers in action. Both are within a few minutes’ walking distance from the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Further information can be found at: Jenevermuseum and Molen de Walvisch.

Through Schiedam by boat

Fun for young and old, a trip in a silent boat through the docks of Schiedam and the historic inner city, while listening to funny anecdotes and stories from the guide. The boat does not sail during the winter. For further information, click here.

Visiting Monuments

Schiedam has a fair amount of monuments. Some of them are open for visitors every day. The Grote or Sint Janskerk, in the centre of Schiedam, is the oldest building of the city. Click here for further information.

In the former Korenbeurs (Corn Exchange) on Lange Haven you will find the most attractive library of the Netherlands. Like the Museum, this building was restyled by the architect Guidici.

Shops, restaurants & pubs

Schiedam boasts many small, artisanal shops and fun pubs and restaurants. In this map, you will find some of our favourites including the bookshop next to the Museum, chocolate-atelier De Bonte Koe and off-licence Alambic.

Also, don’t forget to visit the old-fashioned confectioner’s on the corner of Lange Haven. Click here for further information.

Like to know more?

Then go to the information point of SDAM. There you can find an up-to-date overview of all activities and events in town.