Who are the rising stars? Who are the artists to be followed closely? In any case you should keep an eye on the raging talents under 35 who have been nominated for the Volkskrant Visual Art Award 2018: Feiko Beckers, Anne Geene, Rosa Johanna, Benjamin Li and Kevin Osepa. Chair of the panel Mrs Jet Bussemaker, former minister of Culture, will announce the winner during a TV broadcast of Kunstuur (AVRO/TROS) on 25 February. The prize money of € 10,000 has been put up by In4Art, an organization that promotes the development of artistic talent.
The five artists have been selected by scouts: Wim Pijbes, former director of the Rijksmuseum, Jan van den Broek, entrepreneur and art collector, Patricia Kaersenhout, kunstenaar, curator Eelco van der Lingen of the Fries Museum and graphic designer Irma Boom. During the exhibition the public is invited to state their favourite, either in the Museum or online. The winner of this Public Prize will be made known on 2 April.  
Winnaar Evelyn Taocheng Wang. Fotografie Jiri Buller
Laureate Evelyn Taocheng Wang (right) with panel chair Ms Hanneke Groenteman in 2017. Photo: Jiri Buller
Previous laureates
The Volkskrant Visual Art Award has existed since 2006 and aims to spotlight young talents so as to boost their careers. The list of former laureates comprises artists such as Femmy Otten, Guido van der Werve and Floris Kaayk. The Award has been presented every year since 2006.
The Award is a joint effort of four parties: the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, AVROTROS, the Volkskrant and, as of this year, In4Art. In4Art is an incubator for young artists experimenting with the development of new technologies and examining new concepts and materials. In4Art invests in and cooperates with artists, being convinced that their experiments are essential for change and innovation. This results in future scenarios, simulations and reflections. In4Art has committed itself to the Volkskrant Visual Art Award as it is an important recognition and incentive for young artists in this country.
The Volkskrant about the nominees
"Among the nominees there is at least one failure-prone person: Feiko Beckers (1983) makes installations and videos portraying himself and relatives as losers in embarrassing situations. Anne Geene (1983) arranges her nature photos in the same way that Darwin or Mendel arranged nature itself: in diagrams and visual verse.  Rosa Johanna (1991) as a painter and videomaker can hardly be defined with one single characterization; she performs research into the origin of abstract art. Benjamin Li (1985) is also a researcher, albeit into the clichés and truths of his own Asian background. In the case of Kevin Osepa (1994), finally, his cultural background likewise plays a part key role in his photographic oeuvre, as a Curaçao-born immigrant in the Netherlands.
Feiko Beckers (1983)
Feiko Beckers
Curator Eelco van der Lingen has chosen Feiko Beckers. "His motives: Ever since his graduation at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen in 2006, Beckers has been generating an imposing oeuvre of performance-based video installations. In these videos he manages to combine the conditioning in human relationships with autobiographical elements and semi-abstract pieces of scenery. With his stories Beckers invariably succeeds in taking the viewer to a place where the 'ah... of course! experience' meets with an 'er... excuse me? feeling' ".
Feiko Beckers The Inevitable Others 2016 klein
Feiko Becker, The Inevitable Others, 2016.
Anne Geene  (1983)
Anne Geene has been nominated by former museum director Wim Pijbes: "By means of photographic techniques, and especially by observing and then recording in a meticulous and individual style, Geene manages to reveal connections, bring about structures and create compositions. In this way she introduces the viewer to a world that at face value seemed so familiar."  
Anne Geene, Devaluation of Luck, 2016
Rosa Johanna (1991)
Designer Irma Boom has opted for Rosa Johanna's work: "She examines the significance of traditional abstract art in the context of her own work. Her paintings do not represent concepts or figurations, and in a sense they might be termed 'non-objective'. She observes and looks for an individual visual language and, what's more, she is able to look at her own work like a curator."
Rosa Johanna, overview No Title, 2017. Photo: Nadine Tue.
Benjamin Li (1985)
Benjamin Li Portret

Curator Sietske van Zanten, speaking for collector Jan van den Broek about the choice for Benjamin Li: "Art broadens my outlook on the world. Li's art is a wonderful case in point in that he preserves our humdrum existence. Perhaps Li is a sort of present-day Jan Steen by representing the life of Mr Average. This he does with respect, humour and subtle hints at the absurdity of our existence." 
Choice - Benjamin Li
Benjamin Li, Choice, 2012.
Kevin Osepa (1994)
K Osepa
Artist Patricia Kaersenhout has nominated Kevin Osepa: "In a very subtle manner Osepa employs a tremendously rich imagery of historic connotations that refer to the colonial era, amongst other things. At the same time his work is extremely personal and consequently political and relevant to our times, without being provocative or cynical. He positions himself in a rich tradition of Caribbean art that is not always understood in the Netherlands."
Kevin Osepa, Barbulètè, 2017.
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