14 OCTOBER 2017 TO 21 JANUARY 2018
The photographs by Ksenia Galiaeva (Pskov, 1976) radiate a sleepy kind of calm. She makes photographs of her immediate surroundings: her mother and father and their dachshund in and round their dacha in rural Russia. She refers to them as ‘vanitas still lifes, only of people’. The exhibition also shows a second series: photos of clouds, made from her window.

First solo exhibition, and a farewell
For Galiaeva this is the first exhibition in a Dutch museum. At the same time Everything is as it should be marks Wilma Sütö's farewell as a curator. After eleven years with this Museum this is her last exhibition.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a passage in a poem by the Russian-American author Nabokov, which is a motto for Galiaeva's entire work:
The mirror brims with brightness
a bumblebee has entered the room and bumps against the ceiling.
Everything is as it should be, nothing
will ever change, nobody will ever die.
Ksenia Galiaeva Unreal Estate 2014 1
Ksenia Galiaeva, Unreal Estate, 2014
Everyday life
When she was 19, Galiaeva moved from her native Russia to the Netherlands, where she graduated from the art academies of Den Bosch and Breda. Living in Antwerp, she teaches at the art academy of Rotterdam. She has been recording daily life round her parents' dacha for years. We see her father and mother reading a book in a garden, cutting vegetables at the kitchen table, making phone calls and pottering about in the garden.
Ksenia Galiaeva, Unreal Estate, 2014
Ode to her parents
The photographs remind one of holiday snaps. But Galiaeva's work is of a higher order because she transforms her parents into a myth; an ode to them and their way of life. They are the leading figures, perfectly accustomed to the camera. At times Galiaeva intervenes. Then she uses mirrors to frame and reflect the faces of the entire family. Obviously, the title of this series - Unreal Estate - is a pun. The photographs are not just factual pictures, but also a play of memories: a fantasized representation of reality.
Ksenia Galiaeva, Unreal Estate, 2014
There are new photographs with views from her own house, with four vertical windows resembling a folding screen full of banks of clouds and golden sunlight. To her, clouds are like white holes representing openness and curiosity. They form a window on far horizons. To Galiaeva, looking out is a form of meditation. In recent years she worked in studios in South Korea and Japan, where she saw landscapes that she had previously only seen on folding screens and paintings.
Ksenia Galiaeva, Unreal Estate, 2014
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