Eye Attack | English

25 February to 18 June 2017
The works of art at the comprehensive exhibition Eye Attack. Op Art and kinetic art in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam aim to delude you. You don't see what you think. Something is turning that is in fact standing still and a flat canvas is bulging out. The artists know how to deceive the eye with lines, patterns and coloured areas. They make Op Art, which is short for Optical Art and a tongue-in-cheek reference to Pop Art. Eye Attack also shows art that is literally moving – sculptures with iron filings, light installations and mirrors. This extensive retrospective exhibition with works of international trend-setting artists from the period 1950 - 1970 is on view from 25 February to 18 June 2017.
1. Victor Vasarely Vega-Pâl 1965
Victor Vasarely, Vega-Pâl, 1965. Courtesy Pierre Vasarely en De Primi Fine Art, Lugano, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam
It is for the first time in fifty years that Op Art and Kinetic Art are on view in this country on such a large scale. The movement with Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley as its most prominent representatives was put on the map internationally with a high-profile exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Works of a large number of artists participating in New York are now on view in Schiedam and this is how Eye Attack shines a light on the roots of Op Art.
Even before the exhibition in 1969 in New York was opened, the shop windows of Seventh Avenue were filled with Op dresses. The extent to which an art movement was adopted by designers was unprecedented. Op Art dominated the sixties, from ashtray to advertising, from fashion outfits to TV settings. This imagery, including an LP sleeve of David Bowie with work of background, is on view in the Museum shop by way of supplement to the exhibition.
2. aanpassen Jean-Pierre Yvaral Progression Polychrome A
Jean-Pierre Yvaral, Progression Polychrome A.70, 1970. Collection: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam
Louisiana Museum
Eye Attack has been realized in cooperation with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, where the exhibition attracted a record number of almost 229,000 visitors. This put it in the top 20 of their most popular exhibitions. With its geometric figures and patterns, Op Art is in line with Zero. The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam has generated exhibitions about this international art movement before.
low res Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz Sunglow 1968
Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz, Sunglow, 1968. Collectie Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam

Most Op Art artists were fascinated by the psychology of perception. The exhibition demonstrates what happens when you look at this art. Why are the lines dancing? How's that: it moves but stands still? The Museum has cooperated with prof. Jan Theeuwes of the department of Cognitive Psychology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

low res Jean-Pierre Yvaral Forme ambiqué moedius 1970
Jean-Pierre Yvaral, Forme ambiqué moedius, 1970. Collection Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam
Artists | works from the period 1950 - 1970
Bridget Riley, Hartmut Bӧhm, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Angel Duarte, Ludwig Wilding, Heinz Mack, Gerhard von Graevenitz, Adolf Luther, Getulio Alviani, Toni Costa, Julio Le Parc, Ad Dekkers, Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, François Morellet, Victor Vasarely, Luis Tomasello, Giovanni Anceschi, Marina Apollonio, Gabriele de Vecchi, Grazia Varisco, Alberto Biasi, Edoardo Landi, Davide Boriani, Gruppo MID, Manfredo Massironi, Enzo Mari, Bruno Munari, Dadamaino, Gianni Colombo, Richard Joseph Anuskiewicz, Wojciech Fangor, Almir Mavignier, Edwin Mieczkowski, Yvaral, Günter Uecker, Yaacov Agam, Nicolas Schӧffer, Jan Schoonhoven, Peter Struycken, Jaap van den Ende, Josef Albers.
kleiner 5. Peter Struycken Wetmatige beweging van vorm en kleur 1965. Collectie Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Peter Struycken, Systematic Movement of Form and Colour, 1965. Collection Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam
This exhibition could also be realized with the support of the Municipality of Schiedam, Fonds 21, VSBfonds, Turing Foundation, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds-Breeman Talle Fonds, SDAM.

From February 25th until june 18th you can visit the international exhibition Eye Attack. From April 8th until September 3rd you can visit the exhibition from Pierre Janssen. In the grip of the art. Both exhibitions are precious productions. Therefore, we ask you in this period an extra charge of 2.50 per person.
David Bowie - LP Space Oddity met ontwerp Vasarely - 1969      Renault ontwerp - Victor Vasarely - 1972
David Bowie, Space Oddity, with design Vasarely,1969      Logo Renault, design Vasarely,1972