Karel Appel. The Painted Man. Paintings and Poems

Karel Appel 07 Medium

Karel Appel, Portret van De Geverfde Man (uit een serie van honderd bladen), 1987, inkt op papier met een gedicht van Claude Fournet, 35,7 x 26,8 cm, particuliere collectie, © Karel Appel Foundation, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2015

'Let your eyes/Make a world/Of every image.' This line of poetry could have been the motto of Karel Appel (1921 - 2006), the great artist and sculptor who together with his colleagues in the Cobra movement changed the face of art after the Second World War. He gained world fame with the raw expression and multicoloured spontaneity of his stunning work.

Unisono 28: Otobong Nkanga Taste of a Stone

4 July 2015 – 18 October 2015

Taste of a Stone Schiedam-ONkanga Small

Otobong Nkanga, Taste of a Stone (detail), versie 2014, installatie en fotografie, inkjet print op Galala kalksteen en witte gravel, courtesy de kunstenaar, foto: Rebecca Fanuele

Otobong Nkanga (Kano, Nigeria, 1974) brings together culture and nature. In her work, the landscape is a sounding board for ideas, stories and memories. Her installations are imaginative, full of thoughts and feelings, but also earthly: they represent our connection with the world.

I Love Holland. Dutch post-war art

21 September 2013 – 4 September 2016

Henk Visch For all that is forgotten

Henk Visch, For all that is forgotten, 1984, zwarte verf op hout en accordeon, 165 x 120 x 75 cm, collectie Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, foto: Tom Haartsen

‘The exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is one we all eagerly await.’

With the exhibition entitled Ik hou van Holland. Nederlandse kunst na 1945 (I Love Holland. Dutch post-war art), the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam will present a comprehensive overview of post-war Dutch art. An overview of this quality, magnitude and depth has never been shown in the Netherlands. It displays the developments in Dutch contemporary art, and links these to developments in society.